If It's Fiber...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The washcloths are finished with ends woven into them. I'm not yet sure how I will wrap them. Something simple.
The soaps I purchased for the gifts are beside them. They are "Calico Rose", a nice, light rose scent and they are marbled red and white in color.
It's good to have these finished.

I'm realizing how close it is getting to time for the baby to be born and starting to freak out a bit. We haven't even really talked about names at all yet.
We also haven't set up any furniture either. The crib is still together in LB's room. Not that he still uses it at all. (Except for trampoline purposes) It has just been easier to leave it there than to take it down and put it somewhere else.
I need to get out the baby clothes, wash them up and have them ready to go.
Maybe we should get onto that stuff.
Maybe I'll start trying after Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

LB attended his first college football game Saturday. It ended up being a great game, and our team won. It was a game between two big rivals, UNC-Chapel Hill vs. NC State.
I must state that I am no big football fan. I'm just not really a big sports fan in general. I don't want anyone thinking I know a lot about these things.
But, Hubby and I met at UNC, my mom and dad met at UNC. LB also has two aunts, a great-grandfather, three great uncles, a great-great uncle, and many cousins who have attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
I will not be pushing it on him, (I made good grades so I could get into UNC, not so that I could be in a career of any sort.) it's just that this was a big moment in LB's life, as far as his two grandfathers are concerned.

After about 15 minutes, he said we were all done. I haven't told and won't tell that part to my father or father-in-law.

On the creation front, I have finished up knitting all of the cotton chenille washcloths for Christmas presents. I have only to weave in the ends. I bought the soaps that will accompany them at the Greensboro Farmer's Curb Market Saturday.
I will now allow myself to begin work on my brother's Elvis Wig.
It looks like I will be finished with all of my Christmas knitting by the end of Thanksgiving!
(I hope I didn't just jinx myself.)

Monday, November 13, 2006

What you see (or don't see due to low lighting) at the left is what has been the bane to my crafting existence lately. I did not knit the sweater. It is not my style. But I am lining the sweater jacket for my LYS. Now, densely knitted items that don't have very much stretch are not that bad to line with non-stretchy fabrics.
But this...
This is a bit heavy and stretchy. I have added 6 inches of ease into the back of the lining now so that it would have a pleat.
There is no pleat.
This thing is like a liquid that shapes itself into the shape of it's container.
I am cursing its existence.
Hopefully, I will have completed it by tonight at the earliest, tomorrow night at the latest.
Then, I can continue on my regularly scheduled creating. There is so much I want to knit before the baby gets here.

Friday, November 03, 2006

I finished these guys on Halloween, but Blogger has been giving me some incredible troubles for quite awhile now, so I was not able to post them.
Little Boo and I went to a fabric store Sunday, and their anti-pill fleece was on sale. I asked him to pick out any color he wanted for a monster, and he chose the "medium purple".
He has named this tall guy Spooks also. I tried to get him to choose a different name, but he says that he now has two Spooks.
The little short one has four stubby legs, six long tentacles, and two tentacle eyes. LB calls him his spider. I made him without much of a plan, which is hard for me. I often like to over-plan my creations. In my sewing, cooking, traveling, everything, I want to have it all planned out ahead of time. I'm a bit of a control freak that way.

Small household tip I have to share here. Last week, (I wanted to post it last week, but kept having problems with blogger) I made a 90 minute Coq au Vin from the current Cook's Illustrated issue. It was good, and I actually made it in the 90 minutes. (Rachel Rays' 30 minute meals take me at least 45, if not an hour. I don't like to rush.) As good as it was, it left the house smelling like it. Every room seemed to be infused with the reduced pinot noir sauce. So, I took out my handy gallon of white vinegar, poured a bit in a casserole dish - enough to cover the bottom, and set it downstairs. Then I did the same in a smaller dish and set it upstairs. By bedtime, the smell was almost gone, and by morning, it was completely gone.
I learned about the deodorizing effects of white vinegar from a custodian at an elementary school where I worked. She would set out a dish of it afterschool in rooms that were, let's say, less than fresh. I've even seen it (smelled it?) get rid of weekend dead hamster smell quite quickly.
White vinegar is amazing.

For a great tip on how to store those plastic bags, go to Sweet's blog. Since she shared this, our bags of bags are much more managable. It's easier to store them and carry them back to the store for recycling this way.