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Friday, June 29, 2007

My package from the Hogwarts Sock Swap arrived today!!! It is fabulous - tons of goodies that I love! I must say that it came at a perfect time. Bruce and I have been at each other's throats. I had just sent him upstairs to his room for yet another time out when I went to check the mail. Seeing this turned my extremely sour mood into one of excitement. Two bars of excellent dark chocolate, four different kinds of teas, some Knit Picks size zero dpns, a really neat bookmark, ICe Mice and Bertie Bott's Beans, lovely stitch markers, and - best of all - a pair of perfect Ravenclaw socks. All of this is from Black Rayne. The socks are very nice. Apparently, these are her first pair of socks, and she hand dyed the yarn to be self-striping! Incredible! I showed the socks to my husband (he really knows a well knit sock when he sees one) and he is very impressed with them too. I must admit that when I saw these posted on the Swap site, I was really hoping they were coming to me!
Close up of the stitch markers.

Perfect Fit!
I look forward to wearing them to the movie and the book release!
She also included this cute as can be card. I had to include a picture of it.

Thank you Dee!!!

The package to my swap pal was mailed off today. Here are the stitch markers I made for my pal. I had some problems with my son this morning when I told him we were going to mail the package to England. He threw quite a fuss and demanded that he go to England also. I told him I could tape him up into a box and mail him. He didn't find that funny. He just began rolling on the floor in tantrums.
Oh when will the ferocious fours become the friendly fours?

I've been listening to Mugglecast lately. I wish I had started listening to them earlier. I'm enjoying their obsessiveness with the series. It's so refreshing.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Long time, no posting, but I have been extremely busy. I just don't know how all these people make having two kids look like a piece of cake. I can hardly keep my sanity, much less my house clean! Yesterday, Bruce and I made some pomegranate jelly. This was my first foray into jelly-making. I hope it turns out well. It sure does look pretty though!
My Hogwarts Sock Swap pal's socks are finished. All of her goodies are ready too, with the exception of the stitch markers. Those should be finished mid next week. I've enjoyed making them and collecting gifts for her!
Once I finished them, I began work on the Icarus Shawl. I'm making this for my sister-in-law's wedding. The wedding is mid October, so this may come in handy during her reception.

Bruce has taken over my old digital camera. Here is one of his recent shots of Flora. She is his main subject matter.

Busy weeks ahead with summer traveling and the release of Book Seven and the movie. I'm so Harry obsessed lately. I don't think an hour goes by without my thoughts drifting to the subject one way or another.
I hope to really whiz along on Icarus. Progress pics will be shown. Have a great weekend!

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