If It's Fiber...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I've tried some Kool Aid dying techniques! A new knitting friend, Emily, came over this afternoon and we tried out two different methods for Kool Aid dying.
First, I tried the casserole dish of yarn in the microwave method, which resulted in the pink, orange, yellow, and green yarn. I put the yarn in a circular dish and divided it into quadrants for the colors. It worked pretty well, but next time I'll try harder to get the dye on the bottom.
For the second batch, I laid the yarn out on plastic wrap, dyed it in strips (Artic Apple, Lemon-lime, grape, Berry Blue, and Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade), then wraped it up in the plastic, rolled it up, and steamed it for about 45 minutes. Here's where I learned that one.
I definitely feel the plastic wrap and steaming method produced and more saturated dying.
I can't wait until they have dried and I can put them in hanks and see how the colors look that way.
They aren't super-great, but they are my first ones, and I like them!

If you drink your tea from loose leaves, take a look at this book, Tea-Cup Reading and Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves, by a Highland Seer. Choose the html version. It has some picture examples of tea leaves in the bottom of cups.
I just love it.
Especially that it is by "a Highland Seer."

Monday, June 26, 2006

Here is what I have accomplished so far on my younger sister's wedding shawl. I have just started ball four of eight balls of yarn. I'm using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran weight. It feels dreamy and knits up so easily. The Debbie Bliss yarn has about 10 yards more per skein than the yarn called for in the pattern, so I may only use seven balls instead of eight. We'll see how it is looking when I get there!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

It has been a VERY long time since my last post, and I feel I must explain part of the reason for my absence. My last post was about three months ago and now I am about three months pregnant. The baby is due at the beginning of January. I have had some medium level morning sickness, (but it isn't just at the morning!! Why in the heck do they call it that!) and computers and crafting just seemed to make it feel worse. So I haven't been doing too much of either.
I did finish this octopus for Bruce by mid-May. I made up the pattern and have it written down on a notepad. I plan to get it typed in to share before too long. (along with the Hogwarts House Unity Hat pattern)
I've started on the shawl for my younger sister's wedding and am halfway through yarn ball 3 of 8.
My playground knit has been a pair of socks for my husband from Nancy Bush's "Knitting Vintage Socks".
It really has only been recently that I have been doing more knitting again. It just didn't feel good to my stomach earlier.

Please, all of you softie creators, read this page on Stuffed Animal Rights. Think carefully before you create.