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Monday, November 14, 2005

The back and left front of the 1962 Weskit are finished and sewn together. It's quite hard to see much in the picture because the yarn is so dark. This shot is looking at it from the front. This will be put on hold until I get some holiday knitting done.
I've joined the "Who Wouldn't Love a Handknitted Gift" knitalong to help push me through the holidays.
Topping my list of gifts is a pair of socks for my husband. They were supposed to be for his birthday last year, then Christmas last year, then birthday this year, and now they MUST be done for Christmas this year. Other gifts are less important, but include 1-2 scarfs, 2-3 hats, a purse, 4-6 Weasley sweater ornaments, and maybe a few crocheted snowflake ornaments.
I'm not going to let myself get too involved with anything, though, until I have completed the socks. I am using one of Grace Ennis's patterns, style #7279, "Overlapping Diamonds". I've decided to switch to smaller needles for the cuffs and add some elastic thread at the beginning to make sure they stay up well.


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