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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Since my last post I have been sick, had a fever blister erupt on my lip, (just in time for the Thanksgiving family pictures!), traveled everyday of the Thanksgiving holiday, and finished the first sock for my husband.
This was my first time making a short row heel and toe and I really enjoyed it. The heel knit up without a hitch, which left me a bit cocky when it came to the toe. So once I got to the toe I didn't really pay as much attention and had to rip it and redo it twice. That's what I get for thinking I'm a knitting genius for getting the heel right the first time.
For the socks I'm using pattern #7279 from Grace Ennis' Graphic Knitting Patterns. BUT, from the design down I'm going by the Dream Socks pattern by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. (They are in the Fall 2000 issue, or the subsciber-only content of Interweave Knits site.) Changing up the sock structure has greatly increased the fit of the socks. If you are thinking about using some of the Grace Ennis patterns I highly recommend changing the gauge and length of your sock to get the right fit. The first socks I tried to make out of one of her patterns (following all directions and keeping correct gauge) wouldn't fit my size 6 shoe-wearing sister, much less my size 11 shoe-wearing husband.
They are great patterns though. I love all of the cool designs.
Now I'll start the second sock and hopefully I will finish it faster than this last one!


  • love the intarsia argyle like pattern on your socks! I too love short row heels and toes... just wish I had more time to make socks... keep up the good work on holiday knitting!

    By Blogger Jen, at 4:02 PM  

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