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Monday, December 05, 2005

I've finally finished the intarsia on the second sock. That seemed to take FOREVER! I have learned through this second sock that I should not talk and intarsia knit at the same time. Every time I did I ended up having to rip back a few rows and redo things. Hopefully the rest of the sock will speed right along now.

On Saturday I went to a Fair Isle workshop at my LYS taught by Nancy Shroyer of Knit Knacks. (Check out the Knee-sel. She showed it to us and it looked quite useful.) This was my first knitting class and the first time that I really was able to meet and talk with other knitters in person. It was great. I had attempted an Andean hat (scroll in the link down to see it- 7th picture) using Fair Isle techniques last year, but I was too tense about it all and it wouldn't fit on my son's head. What a disappointment! I think I feel comfortable enough with it now. I may rip and reknit the hat after the holidays.
I look forward to knitting more with some of the ladies I met there!


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