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Friday, December 16, 2005

Since my last post I have completed these five projects. The hat for my SIL's boyfriend, a sweater ornament for my friend Stephanie, two Airy Scarves for Bruce's playschool teachers, and a sewn, stuffed dog for a family present. The scarves and sweater patterns came from the "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" book. Working with Rowan's Kidsilk Haze was frustrating at first - it is so light! After a few rows, though, the going was much easier.
The dog pattern came from a book I found at a used book store. It's called "The Big Book of Soft Toys" by Mabs Tyler. It was published in 1972. I had seen it in the store once, didn't buy it, and then thought about it constantly until I got back there about a month later and luckily it was still there. There are quite a few cheesy 70s patterns in it, but I like that stuff. The dog will be a gift to my husband's grandmother. This year, instead of giving gifts to each of the great-grandchildren, each family is giving his grandmother one toy to keep at her house for the great-grandchildren to enjoy.
I really miss sewing. I can't wait to finish getting the rest of our boxes unpacked so I can set up a permanent sewing area.
So those four knitted gifts are the last ones on my to do list for the holiday knitalong! Hooray! I'm ready for my gold star!!!
Now I get to knit up all of the fun stuff that I don't have to do, but want to do. Most of that will be 2-4 more Airy scrves, 4 more sweater ornaments, and two toddler's hats. Three ornaments won't be given until the weekend of January 6, so there is time for those. I want to give 2 of the scarves to their recipients this coming Tuesday, the other two next weekend, and one sweater ornament sometime next week.
(I also have plans for an entry into this month's "Month of Softies", but we'll just have to see about that.)
Maybe I could sedate Bruce so that I could just sit and knit all day, everyday for the next week?


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