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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Here are the dyed yarns after having been wound into center pull balls. They look much nicer this way. I think I have decided what I will make with them. I have recently checked out Cat Bordhi's "A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting" from my library. I like the moebius baskets and think this yarn will be perfect for them.
I finished all of the knitting on my younger sister's shawl last night. I hope to have the ends woven in by bedtime tonight, and then block it in the next few days. I'm not fully sure just how I will block it. I've seen a few different techniques, but don't don't which way would be best and/or easiest for this type of shawl. The scalloped bottom edge is what puzzles me.
I'll will post pictures of it while it is blocking!


  • The yarns looks great balled up. I had a blast yesterday - thanks!

    By Blogger craftyncer, at 11:00 PM  

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