If It's Fiber...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

B and I made his Wallace pants yesterday, completing his Halloween outfit. I finished knitting the vest last week and he has been waiting patiently for the pants ever since.
When I let him out of rest time, we cut them out and sewed them together. he likes helping with the sewing. His job is to press the reverse button so we can backtack at the beginning and end of a seam.
I feel I can relax a bit now that I have made his costume.


  • Adorable! He looks like a big boy!

    By Blogger Ms. Knotty, at 5:38 PM  

  • Your son is adorable and that has to be one of the greatest costumes of all time!

    By Blogger Laural, at 9:48 AM  

  • Wallace? Wallace, is that you? Sheesh, you are one talented lady!

    By Blogger Em, at 10:15 AM  

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