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Friday, May 11, 2007

We're a bit late again this year in preparing our garden, but I think by Sunday night we'll have plants in and seeds sown.

Bruce loves tillers. He wanted us to buy him a little tiller just for him last year. We said no. We borrow a tiller to get our garden node. Bruce just has to be content with pretending his umbrella stroller is a tiller. Which he does perfectly. When Hubby cranks up and adjusts the big tiller, Bruce pantomimes cranking up and adjusting his tiller. Here's a shot of the two of them working on the garden.

It's so cute to watch because everything his dad does, Bruce does. I've been letting him stay up a little later than usual this week so that he can spend this time with his dad.

I'm knitting away on sock for my Hogwarts swap pal. I really like how they are looking, and would love to keep them for myself, even though I'm not a Hufflepuff.
I have her needles, will be meeting a friend that is going to help me with the stitch markers soon, and have been gathering up other special treats to go into her package. I can't wait to finish off the socks and get them in the mail! Sending out presents is as much fun as receiving them!



  • Father and son together...how heartwarming. I love that you prep. your garden for the summer, I wish I still lived in a place with a garden to do that. I rememeber my Dad cursing the irish late frost for killing off all his hard work :) can't wait to see your Hogwart socks. I have been really bad about the KAL, totally fallen off the face of the earth, oops.

    By Blogger Knatty Knitter, at 9:23 AM  

  • The socks are great. Your pal is going to love them!
    I love seeing Father Yoda and Son Yoda working side by side. Knatty's right, it's too heartwarming. Good news on getting the garden going!
    And, er, what's the downlow on the okra and green tomatoes? No rush, or anything, just, you know, okra and green tomato-loving people want to know...

    By Blogger Em, at 10:27 AM  

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