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Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend before last we went for a long weekend visit to Mr. Fiber's 98 year old grandmother's house. She still lives on her farm out in the eastern part of the state. We always love our time there and wish we could just live there with her. During this visit, we cooked her fish stew, oyster stew, and fried oysters. It was just yummy!
Here is Bruce riding an old trike that is there. Here is my older post from a visit there last year.

This is the bag in which my younger sister put my birthday present from her and my older sister. It's a Victoria's Secret bag. I love the t-shirt that she made for the model.
This past birthday (I'm a Pisces) was just fabulous. I recieved so many great things from friends and family. Beer, pottery, and a plethora of dvds. We don't get cable and our plaster walls deter good reception form rabbit eras, so we usually give each other dvd collections for birthdays. This year, Hubby went all out. He says I deserve it for being pregnant and giving birth this past year.
We tend to be a bit Anglophiles, much like NeighborKnitter, and this year my presents reflect that. I received the Upstairs, Downstairs collection, the Jeeves & Wooster collection, and Edward the King. My sisters gave me the Monty Python's Flying Circus collection.
Who needs cable with such great weekend tv viewing possibilities?
Would like to type more, but Flora is screaming. Knitting is occuring, as well as some sewing plans. Hope to have time to tell more soon.



  • Hello Ann,
    I tried to figure out your knitting Harry Potter blog and how to sign up, but DUH???? I could not so I am here looking to join in on the fun. I am a big Harry Potter fan and I am reading book 2. Well I have 9000 other hobbies. :) so I am slow. However, I have and seen all the movies to date. I ama crocheter and knitter and would love to joinin on the groups activities. Here is my blog...http://crochetoholic.blogspot.com/ Hope to hear from you. and I am going to add you to y favorite blogs as I hope you will add me to yours. :) I do hope your staying dry with the storms your having...Crochetoholic Debb

    By Blogger Crochetoholic Debb, at 2:41 PM  

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