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Sunday, July 08, 2007

I have been knitting and sewing in any free time I have lately. (which isn't very much) At night, after the kids are in bed and nightly chores are finished, I knit on my sister-in-law's Icarus Shawl. I'm really loving this shawl. I hope to finish my the end of July.
During the day, when Mr. Fiber is not around, I try to squeeze in some sewing. I've been working on a baby backpack carrier, and an outfit for my neice. I hope to give my neice her outfit next weekend. We'll see. I don't have any pictures to show yet, so here are some pictures from my garden.
First up: grape tomatoes
We planted a bit late, so that speck of red in the bottom of the picture is actually our first ripe tomato of the season.

Beside them, we find the yellow crookneck squash. It's a beautiful plant, but I must admit that after eight - yes, eight - plants last year, I'm a bit squashed out. This year we have four and one unknown, volunteer, squash-looking plant.
Going over to our fence we find one of the rose bushes that I have not yet killed. It is blooming again. This bloom has a little friend on him.

Then we get into my exotic veggies. Here is a Parisian Pickling cucumber. It's so cute and little!

At the corner of the fence that is closest to the back door is my favorite rose. It doesn't bloom too much, even though it is the biggest rose bush in our yard. I do hope I am able to keep this one living. The blooms are a pale, blushing pink and creamy off white. Some of them get huge - larger than my fist.
Another of my exotic plants is below. This is a Plum Granny melon. It is about 1 1/2 inches in diameter right now. I just don't understand why mine is bearing green fruit. They are supposed to be orange. Maybe they will turn when they ripen.

Like I said, we started very late this year. Our okra is hardly a foot tall right now. There are other veggies growing, but they aren't yet picture-worthy.
I hope to have some pictures of my sewing next time. It is really great to be sewing again. That's my first love.
I think of Book Seven obsessively often. I'm looking forward to the 5th movie, but it pales in comparison to my internal excitement over the book. Rowling is incredible.



  • Love your garden and I look forward to seeing your knitting and your sewing.
    Take care

    By Anonymous Linda, at 1:06 PM  

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