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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Over the holidays I did some more knitting, mainly for gifts that were little extras. I also acquired these two books. "Stupid Sock Creatures" I found at a used bookstore in Fayetteville. It was only $6 and has no visible wear. I was quite excited to find it. After reading some of it, I found that the author, John Murphy, is from North Carolina. That makes me even more happy to have it, but it also makes me feel a bit guilty for not buying it full price so that he can have a take of my money. Not too guilty, though. I'm keeping it.
The second book is Vickie Howell's new book "New Knits on the Block". I had not intended on buying this one, but as we went into the yarn store, Bruce got spooked by a motion sensored, Christmas carol playing bell and needed some down time. During the down time I flipped through this book and loved it. All of the books are 25% off right now , so I had to get it. I love that there are many patterns for items that boys would like. The chain mail get-up is what sold it to me. That and the Viking costume.
Over the holidays I cooked oyter stew and fried oysters for 7 1/2 people, crocheted a snowflake ornament, finished a sweater ornament, and knitted two toddler hats. Pictures will follow soon.


  • I am going to have to look for this book. I'm always happy to support an NC author. (I'm out on the coast myself.)

    By Blogger SDMC, at 8:32 PM  

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