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Saturday, December 31, 2005

This month I decided to join up in the Month of Softies group. Here is my entry for December's theme, "under the tree." I created what is supposed to be a mushroom in Christmas-y fabrics. Then it fits into the theme two different ways. Maybe by joining up in the group I can use up some of my scrap fabrics and get some sewing time into my day. I'm not too happy with the eyes, and could never get a mouth to look right, but Bruce loves playing with it.
I made myself do this without making a paper pattern first. I usually get so obsessive and perfectionistic and want to make a pattern out of paper before I do anything else. Then I can do all the math and adjustments before even cutting the fabric. My younger sister, Meredith, never does that. She just gets and idea and starts cutting and sewing, being much more relaxed about the whole process than I usually am. So I tried to let go of my control a bit and just go with the flow. It was a bit hard for me to do that, but I'm relatively happy with how the mushroom turned out.
As I said, Bruce has enjoyed playing with it. He cooks with it on his carboard stove, puts it at his dinner place and pretends to cut and eat it with his play-doh knife and chinese spoon. I'm considering creating some more food toys for him. Maybe I could make him some of these.


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