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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I've joined up with a couple of groups and need to make links to them on this page. The problem is I haven't yet figured out how to get the buttons in the sidebar. I also am very busy this week trying to get some presents completed for my family's Christmas get together this weekend. (They spent Christmas cruising Hawaii!) I'm making a DVD for my dad with pictures of the before, during, and after renovations of our house. He helped us so much with it and I thought a DVD that flips through the stills might make a nice gift. I am alos going to try to get all of our video footage of my nephew from the past year and make a DVD of him for him and his parents. Their camcorder stopped working at the beginning of last year, and they didn't get a replacement until a month or so ago. It's a lot of computer work to do, but I hope I can get it all done before we see them on Saturday.
If Bruce would take a nap I could get a lot more done!

So these are the groups I've joined:

Kim's Stashalong

I am exceedingly excited about this knitalong. I will buy no yarn (and I'm also going to include fabric into it) for three months. I may only work from my stash. I have so much yarn and fabric and so many projects I could make with them. This is just what my creativity and finances needed!

Month of Softies

Each month, a different theme is chosen and everyone makes a stuffed creature/thing in accordance with the theme. December's theme was "under the tree", and I made a stuffed mushroom out of Christmas colored fabrics. January's theme is fairy tales. I've been brainstorming many ideas, I just need to choose one and begin.

Those are my current involvements. I hope to get started knitting something from my stash by this weekend. I may start with a baby garment. I have some leftover organic cotton yarn that would make a great something for a baby due in March!


  • I probably use a roundabout way to get buttons on my blog, but here goes:
    (1) right click on the button you want and save it to your computer
    (2) go to posts in Blogger and start a new one
    (3) click on the picture button then browse for the pic you want to use and upload it.
    (4) step three will give you the code you need to get the picture in your sidebar copy it and enter your template
    (5) paste it where your links are
    I think that's everything to get a picture up--blogger has a section called "html goodies" that's helpful too.

    By Blogger Kim, at 6:11 PM  

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