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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Finished the cover for the body pillow today. LB loves to "help" when I use the sewing machine and he had a good time with this. THe fabric is some older upolstery fabric from either my 1oo year old grandmather, or Hubby's 98 (on Christmas Day) year old grandmother. I can't remember in which person's stash I found this. My love of yellows, greens and blues is happy when I look at it. It looks very grandmotherly. I like that too.

I think today is supposed to be FOB #2 and so I give you my list of two items. I have decided it will be the names that LB has chosen for the baby. I read him out our long list of names for boys and girls and these are his choices:

1. Angus Scott (His father watches AC/DC concert videos while rowing on our Concept2 rowing machine. LB loves to be in there, watching his dad row and watching Angus Young play the guitar. I think this may have had some influence on his name choice. I don't think we've mentioned Bon Scott's name much, but, you never know.)

2. Flora

He insists that it will be a boy and not a girl now. A month ago, he was insisting just the opposite.
We have a very Scottish last name, so I think either of these choices go quite well with it. If only my husband and I could figure out which names we like. Even if we could take some time to narrow it down to 8 or 10 for either gender, it would be helpful.

LB is sick again. I thought he was getting better at my last posting, but I was wrong. He still has a fever of around 101 and congested sinuses.
And today Mr. Fiber is sick. I'm hoping he will fight this off with a good night's sleep and be better tomorrow.
Two years ago, we all had the flu for Christmas.
Not much fun.
Why don't 3 year olds realize they are sick and act that way? It would be so much easier if he would just lay in bed and rest.


  • Aww, as one of my aunts in NC would say, "bless their hearts." The pillow does look grandmotherly and comforting. Maybe a little rest on it will work wonders for them.

    *sigh* I always wanted to be Scottish and have a Scottish last name.

    Hey, my hubby is an indoor rower too!

    By Blogger Glaistig, at 6:05 PM  

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