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Monday, December 18, 2006

FOB #7: What knitterly items would you most like to receive this holiday?

Now, this doesn't mean you expect to get them. I know that I won't be receiving anything on my list, but it sure is nice to list out items that I would like. Maybe, just maybe, a family member will read this and come through for me on my birthday next year. (Who am I kidding?)
And maybe you can send your own family and friends towards your blog to give them some good present hints!

So - indulge yourself! Maybe your lists will make me see things that I would like too!

1. "Hands on Spinning" by Lee Raven
2. Some more excellent sock yarn from Brooke
3. Some cobweb weight lace yarn
4. Sock It To Me sock sizing chart
5. Ann Budd's "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns"
6. Ann Budd's "The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns"
(I've checked both of these books out multiple times from my library wen making items for others. They have been very useful.)
7. Women's Knit Fashions Vol. 1 - I just love these older patterns!

There are others, of course, but these are the ones that came to my head first off.
I look forward to seeing what others are coveting!

And Parisa - I've been trying to comment on your blog for at least a week but it won't let me! Blogger won't let me switch over to the new version yet, I think that may be the problem.
Please don't think I'm not reading!


  • OH no!! that is awful. blogger has been pretty tempermental with me too, so i understand the frustration :) dont worry about it, I know everyone is busy and sometimes I don' have time to comment even if I read the blog. Great ideaa for todays list!! Will be sending the DB a few hints :) hope all is well with you and yours!!

    Pari x

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:34 PM  

  • Hey, check out www.karensvariety.com too. It has some nice downloadable vintage patterns.

    By Blogger Glaistig, at 4:59 PM  

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