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Thursday, December 14, 2006

FOB #11: Favorite Holiday Movies

1. Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode of "Jack Frost" - This is truly one of my favorites. It's a Russo-Finnish production. I love the clothing, the landscape, and Mike, Crow and Servo's witty remarks. I would like the movie even if they weren't making fun of it.

2. Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes episode of "The Blue Carbuncle" - Christmas in Victorian England. Just plain charming. And a mystery. Even better.

3. A Christmas Story - This has got to be on just about everyone's list. You just can't beat it.

4. A Charlie Brown Christmas

5. Used to, they would play "The Sound of Music" just before Christmas. I always looked forward to that.

6. The same thing used to occur with "The Wizard of Oz". I grew up associating both of these with Christmas because of that. Of course, this was before everyone had VCRs and movie rental places everywhere.

7. On one of my family's cruises that I attended, the boat showed a 70s movie version of Dickens' Christmas Carol that was a hoot. It was a musical, and in the scene where Scrooge is looking forward at people taking his stuff, everyone ends up in the street dancing and singing joyously. Someone is dancing on his coffin too. They played it over and over on Christmas day. It was quite funny. People did some weird stuff in the 70s.

8. "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" - Boris Karloff did an excellent job narrating this one. I also have an audio copy of him reading "The Hunting of the Snark". Little Boo loves it.

9. MST3K's episode of Santa Claus and the Martians. Martians want some of the Christmas action too.

10. Now I must haed over to my Old Time Radio Holiday Favs. We have a radio production of "Miracle on 34th Street". THe was done about the time the movie was out.

11. My very favorite Christmas media item is an old radio version of "The Blue Carbuncle". Sir John Gielgud is Holmes and Sir Ralph Richardson plays Watson. This year, since we must remain home for Christmas due to the baby, We will be roasting a goose for dinner and then listening to this one afterwards. A Christmas goose plays a very important part in this mystery.
I'm really looking forward to it.
Here is a link to the collection with this. Amazon lists it as an audiobook, but it is not. It was dramatized for radio decades ago. Radio dramatizations are way different from audiobooks.

I have many pictures to post of completed projects and of some wonderful items I ordered from White Willow. I've been putting all of the comptuer stuff on back burner lately as we try to get ready for Christmas and the baby. I hope to find some time this weekend for showing some knitting content!

Later Edit: After checking out White Willow Market's entries, I was reminded of two other movies that I just love for the holidays - "The Bells of Saint Mary's" and "The Bishop's Wife" (The Cary Grant one).
How could I have forgotten them?!?!?!?


  • Charlie Brown- how could I have left him off?!
    Just checking, you loved "The Bishop's Wife" with Cary Grant, not "The Preacher's Wife" with Whitney Houston and Denzel, right? I mean, maybe you meant "TPW." I can sooo see you digging a Whitney Christmas.
    Love "Miracle on 34th" too. Classic.

    By Blogger Em, at 11:14 PM  

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