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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

FOB #13

Things I believe through no real reasoning

1. Whichever line I choose will be the longest one.
2. I've never seen a platypus in person, only pictures. The same applies to dragons.
3. There are other aspects of our world/universe/existence that we know very little about
4. LB has some sort of sixth sense.
5. Referees at Duke games are all biased
6. I could make just about anything I want to
7. I could play any instrument I wanted to decently, if not proficiently or passionately
8. I lived in Japan in another life. My current mom and sister were there and were deeply affected by a tsunami that we experienced in those lives.
9. My friend Hillari was an acquaintance in that life too.
10. This new baby is already a black belt
11. The underdog is usually the good guy
12. When in doubt, rip it out.
13. Each year, I will get Christmas cards out easily and ahead of time.


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